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Certification and Corporate Job Training Group Language Training
TOMO Korea Travel Agency

Program to experience job-related training in a very special company and organization in Korea

  • Korean Leadership and Intermediate Manager Leadership Course
  • Korea Business Manners & Corporate Communities
  • Korea's industrial development and company visit
  • Nexon & NexonMuseum Company visit
  • Daum Kakao Company visit
  • SME visit & Exploring Public Institutions Link
TOMO Group Language Training

University-Linked Korean Language Courses & Basic Korean Language Course

  • Korean Language Degree Program-University Linked Education
  • General Korean Language Enterprise Training
  • Korean Language Experience
    1. - News anchor
    2. - Weathercaster
    3. - Children and Teens Speech
  • Comics and Movie Dubbing & Voice actor experience
Korea Beauty Certification Course

The process of receiving a beauty certificate from a Korean institution after completing a certain period of Korea beauty education

  • Korean Nail Art
  • Korean Hair Beauty
  • Korean Makeup
  • Korea Skin Care

The general course is a 10-day course, issued with a certificate of completion from the relevant association or institution

Other courses
  • Marine Corps Experience
  • Homeland Campaign Experience
  • Marine safety experience
Training Tour